Monday, August 9, 2010

Touristing out

I have been checking off the days on my calendar, and as the end of my trip is quickly approaching, I've also been crossing off the places I want to see before leaving. This week, I managed to squeeze in a visit to the Meiji Shrine and Asakusa amongst my busy casting and workout schedule (I'm making it sound much more hectic than it is in reality). It's finally sinking in that I'm going home soon, I've become so settled here in Tokyo that it felt as though I'd never leave. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for lots of jobs in my last 11 days here, but I plan to embrace all the free time I have; and soak up every bit of Japan possible. With a 5 day holiday coming up, I'm sure I'll be able to tick off all the attractions I had hoped to visit.


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