Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ways to pass the time

Having found myself wasting too much time on facebook lately, I've been trying to fill my free hours with more productive hobbies; the most recent being cooking and shopping. I believe the latter is my stronger suit, although my culinary skills are slowly improving. I took a stroll today through Harajuku, and failed to strictly 'window' shop. I have been surprised by how much I like the fashions here- I was able to slyly steal a few shots of store fronts between purchases to share with my followers.
Also, if anyone would like recipes, feel free to contact ;)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Yoyogi Park

Having spent my first week in Japan running about and taking in the city, I've slowed down the past few days to catch up on the G20 news ( my city is a mess ) and some much needed Zzz's. This may have been partially due to Tereza's absence, as she is in Hawaii for a booking. I'm going to be sad to see her leave next week. Before her departure, though, we took a quick day trip to Yoyogi Park. It's quite the social atmosphere; we were invited to play an Asian spin on the game 'what time is it Mr Wolf' and were all too eager to join. I love that the Japanese embrace youth, I feel like Tokyo is a huge, impeccably clean playground. Yoyogi is like the manifestation of a childhood daydream... Harijuku girls blowing bubbles, full grown adults hula-hooping, musicians galore and the warmest of smiles from people with dogs strolling (or skateboarding?) alongside.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

First test and a night out

I had my first photoshoot today! The photographer didn't speak English, but was so sweet, as was the more fluent makeup artist. They treat us so well here- never have I been fed so well on set! I was asked every five minutes if I needed anything, the people here an incredibly giving. So much so that when asked for directions, they will gladly lead the way, even if they have NO CLUE where they are going, as we found out tonight on our way to and from Tokyo Tower. During our visit at the popular tourist attraction, we encountered the most adorable little girls, who were happy to pose for the camera with us! We also managed to get a private viewing of the wax museum with a little persuasion from Tereza... the same persuasion that landed me in a 'karaoke box' belting out Bon Jovi until 1 am. Embarrassing videos to come.


Having a few hours to kill yesterday afternoon, I took my first subway trip to search for a game center. Although Tereza, my accomplice, didn't find the arcade she wanted to, I was pretty impressed by this one. Shibuya is so cool- it's amazing how quickly this city changes from gorgeous parks and temples to the bustling city. We got a little lost (several times) but it was well worth it! I was blown away by the high-tech photo booths and all the kiosks.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pizza and the park

Having the morning off today, I took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in (meaning until 10) after a night out. After a lazing around for an hour or two eating my cooked-to-perfection heat-up pizza, I decided to go explore a bit. Only had to walk down the street to find Tokyo Midtown park- The pictures speak for themselves. Needless to say, I'm living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.