Saturday, June 26, 2010

First test and a night out

I had my first photoshoot today! The photographer didn't speak English, but was so sweet, as was the more fluent makeup artist. They treat us so well here- never have I been fed so well on set! I was asked every five minutes if I needed anything, the people here an incredibly giving. So much so that when asked for directions, they will gladly lead the way, even if they have NO CLUE where they are going, as we found out tonight on our way to and from Tokyo Tower. During our visit at the popular tourist attraction, we encountered the most adorable little girls, who were happy to pose for the camera with us! We also managed to get a private viewing of the wax museum with a little persuasion from Tereza... the same persuasion that landed me in a 'karaoke box' belting out Bon Jovi until 1 am. Embarrassing videos to come.

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