Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Safe Arrival

6/22/11:32 PM

So I finally have figured out my Internet- turns out it wasn't that complicated of a process. My roommate probably think I'm the biggest dork, though. While we're on the topic, Kirsty (yes, that will get confusing), is super sweet. I'm so glad to be living with only one other girl- the company is nice and she's a huge help, but I have enough of my own space, too. I was absolutely blown away by my apartment, I was expecting to live out of a suitcase for the next 8 weeks, but I have my own room and lots of hanging space! Our bathroom is the coolest thing ever, we have a sauna and a toilet that has a 'shower' function? I think I'll stay away from that for a while. My agency, Image (


) is awesome, everyone has been so sweet and helpful, plus we get driven in a model van to castings, which seems like a breeze after a 2 hour commute to Toronto for 1 casting. Right off the plane I went to see Elle magazine, but luckily they let me go home and sleep after that. A much needed good night's rest was followed by a full day of 10 castings. It feels a little strange being stared at and spoken about in Japanese, but all the clients were extremely nice and so polite. Not to mention the Japanese have AMAZING fashion sense. I'm going to get out and snap some pics as soon as I get the chance. I also booked my first job today! It's a Japanese brand runway show for next week, I'm super excited. Anyways, I could go on but I feel I should force myself to bed before it's time to get up again. Lots more updates to follow- but here are some shots of the apartment for the time being.

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  1. Sweetheart! I'm so glad to hear that you have a great apartment and roommate, and congrats on your first job!