Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crepes a la burnt

Although I've almost adjusted to the 13 hour time difference and have managed to get some sleep, my stomach is still working on Canadian time. So when I got home the other night and went to the market, I was super excited to see pancake mix. I didn't realize until we got back home, however, that we don't have frying pans. After deeming our smoke alarm defective and conjuring up a ball of unsalvagable mush in a pot, I decided pancakes were not happening. The cravings started up again last night, though so I went on a hunt for some kitchen appliances and butter. With some help I was able to find a big department store, called Don Qujxte (or something like that) an asian Walmart equivalent sort of thing. I was so proud about my midnight grocery run- and was finally able to make edible pancakes this morning!!! BIG. DEAL.

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