Friday, July 23, 2010

A good week!

The long weekend of social events seems to have carried through into the week- and oh look! It's Friday again. After three days of going out, bowling, hanging by the poolside and visits to Japanese strangers, you'd think one would be exhausted. But it hasn't stopped me the past few days. I'm getting ahead of myself, though. I spent most of the weekend with my roommate, Kirsty- galavanting around town, and being escorted by her Japanese friend, Yasuko. The best way to see Japan is of course, with one of it's natives. She took us out to dinner, not to one, but two restaurants, showing us street shops and all the good places to eat in central Toyko. As if that wasn't enough, we were invited to lunch at her friends' house the next day- who were all too happy to make us a delicious meal with ingredients straight from their vegetable garden. I can't get over how accepting and helpful the Japanese are- it's truly an amazing culture.

The fun continued as my good friend from Toronto, Laura, came to Tokyo for a wedding job on Tuesday. Although we've been in the same time zone for nearly a month now (she has been staying in Osaka) it has been a challenge to get together. Being reunited in Japan was the craziest experience, and made for a great night. We also recruited Nate and Martin to come along, who I've been hanging around with a lot. With all the friends I'm making, on top of my new gym membership, I'm not too worried about being bored for the next few weeks! It will be a little more quiet around the apartment, though, as Kirsty is leaving tomorrow. I'm going to miss her, but I'm sure we'll run into each other again someday! Until then, I'll have to put to use the Australian vocabulary I've picked up. FAR OUT!

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