Thursday, July 8, 2010

Odaiba Fun

With Tereza leaving Tuesday, we wanted to make one last day trip together. Having stayed out late the night before, we (meaning I) decided Mount Fuji was out, so opted for Odaiba Island. Our original intent was to visit the aquarium, but after realizing it was quite a trek (to the Japanese, that means a 25 minute walk) from the island itself, we decided to explore. Although not deemed swim-able, we walked along the beach, which was a nice contrast to the busy core we had just escaped. I managed to refrain from shopping, although we did browse through the hilarious shops (Hello Kitty everything?!). We also discovered a car museum, confirming the Asian obsession with technology. After an hour wait to sit in an automatic punch buggy for five minutes (way longer than the line to ride the world's largest Ferris Wheel) I have to say I think I'm turning Japanese... I think I'm turning Japanese... I really think so. Adventures around Tokyo just won't be the same now that Tereza is gone, although she's promised to return with me next year- I smell trouble and a crepe overload!

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