Thursday, July 8, 2010

She lives!

Slowly rolling over to cover my ears with my pillow, I shut my eyes tightly, trying to block out the sound of my alarm clock, which is now flashing 5:04am, beckoning me to wake up. The feeling of tiredness sets in before my day has even begun. I scramble out of bed, landing on the ever-growing pile of laundry on my floor. The past few days have been hectic to say the least. Amazing, nonetheless, but as I've started booking jobs, I've found that my list of things to do is getting bigger and bigger. Luckily, I have the afternoon off today, leaving me lots of time to sleep in, recover from my cold, clean, go grocery shopping, tackle that pile of laundry, plan the weekends events, catch up on emails... (now I have to leave in an hour) Oh wait! And blog. Thank goodness for the weekend! I'm so glad to be working, but can't wait to get out and see some more of the city. But for now I'll update everyone on the week's events!
Friday I did my first job, a show for Hiromichi Nakano (, a supposedly popular Japanese brand. Although I love Toronto and it's designers, I have to say that this collection was the most organized of any I've done. We were fed all too well, and the show ran seamlessly (maybe due to the flat shoes?)

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